At Cyclingo we pride ourselves on being the friendliest shop around. We pair that with expert knowledge of all forms of cycling and a fully kitted out workshop specialising in servicing and repairs of all bike types, suspension servicing and wheel building. ¬†Cycling is our passion, and we want to share that with the world. Whether you’re looking for the gear to help secure a place at the world titles, looking to have a crack at a state series, or just riding because you love it, we’re here to make sure it’s nothing but good times. Drop in for a chat, ask us about the brands we stock, have a browse and see how we can help you out.


We like bikes that work. Every brand has its marketing buzz and style, but at the end of the day, it’s what happens when the rubber hits the ground that really matters. We want to see everyone on a bike that does the job right for them, and not every bike is right for every person. So when you’re looking for a new bike, we’ll run you through what’s best for you, not what’s on the must-sell list for the week.

If you want to check out the ranges from our favourite bike brands, hit the links below.

Santa Cruz | Jamis | Felt | Kona | Surly


The Workshop

Our workshop is staffed by skilled bike mechanics with many years of experience under their belts. Our knowledge comes from time, dedication and an absolute love of the game. If you’ve got a problem with your bike, there’s a good chance we’ve seen in before, and we know how to fix it. We pride ourselves on doing things right, and working with you to make sure the end result is exactly what you’re after. Whether it’s a simple tube change, a full rebuild of your rear pivots, a custom build for your dream bike, or anything in between, we’ll get you sorted and see you stoked at the end of the day. Our repair schedule is always pretty flat out, so give us a call to find a window of opportunity.

Give us a call on (03) 6224 6533 to get your bike booked in.


Suspension Servicing & Set-Up

We know our way around almost every brand of suspension out there. Whether you just need a change of seals and some new oil, want to get everything tuned and set-up the way it should be, or there’s a problem that seems bigger, we can help. Give us a call and give your suspension the love it deserves. You’ll be thankful for it, and you’ll save plenty of money in the long run!


Wheel Building

The art of wheel building is truly that, an art. The science will get you so far, but beyond that it becomes the realm of experience and an ear for precision. We take pride in our wheel building and we want to see you rolling out the door on the perfect set for you. We’ll walk you through options, figure out what’s best for your riding style, and then we’ll build it once and we’ll build it well. You might be after a set of deep dish carbon race wheels, or maybe something bombproof for your DH rig. Regardless of the end use, every wheel we build is done with love and care. We’ll even throw in a free re-tension, should you need it.