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The Knowledge You Need

Welcome to Hobart! Exploring a new place can be heaps of fun, but it always helps to have a little bit of local knowledge to back you up. Finding the best trails is always a good start, but a beer and a feed can be just as important at the end of a long day. We highly recommend dropping into the shop for a chat and some pointers. We’ve got a big map of the local area and we ride all the local trails, so we can make sure you head off in the right direction. Here are a few of our favourite places to ride, eat, drink and be merry!

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The Riding

Hobart is lucky enough to be built on the foothills of Mount Wellington. It’s an amazing mountain covered in a wide variety of vegetation and terrain. From open gum forests to dark fern glades and tangled scree slopes, the hills that surround the city have it all. It makes for some beautiful mountain biking on a wide mix of trails, with something for everyone. Below are a few great places to roll.

The Foothills
The foothills stretching from Knocklofty to Mount Nelson are scattered with great trails. It’s often a case of following your nose, as signage is near non-existent and many of them are hand built by local riders. We recommend dropping into the shop for some pointers, or hooking up with some local riders and having them show you the area.

North-South Track/Mount Wellington
The higher slopes of Mount Wellington are home to the world class North-South Track, an amazing piece of singletrack that traverses the mountain all the way to the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park.  Undoubtedly one of the best trails in the state, this one is not to be skipped over! The contour is easy to handle for the less experienced riders, but plenty of features, b-lines and ridiculously good flow mean that those with a little more experience can ride fast and free, grinning the whole way.

For those with a love of rock and getting gnarly, there’s Radfords Track, a favourite of the local DH riders. If you want something on the mellow side, then the Pipeline Trail in a wide, easy trail that gently follows around the edge of the mountain, through a wide variety of beautiful bush.

Check out the Wellington Park website for details, maps, and more trails.

Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park
Riding the North-South Track will drop you into the top of the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park, or you can access it from the bottom via bike or car. It features a bunch of XC trails, the challenging DH trail used for state and national downhill events, a huge 4X course designed by Glen Jacobs, a small dual slalom course, a dirt jump area, and plenty more to explore. The park website is a little out of date, but it’s a good place to start!

Clarence Mountain Bike Park
A slightly newer park located on the Eastern side of the Derwent River (across the bridge from Hobart city). Clarence features a technical DH trail, a short XC loop, and an extended XC loop that will take you in the direction of Belbins Road. It’s worth riding up Belbins and exploring some of the trails up the valley, as a few of the locals have been putting in some hard work and crafting some great trails in the area. The official site has little more than a map, but if you drop into the shop we can give you a bit more info on getting there.

..and more!
There’s heaps more riding out there, but the best bet is to drop into the shop and we’ll get your started!


Food & Drink

Sometimes it’s hard to start the day without a decent coffee and solid breakfast. Luckily Hobart’s got some amazing cafes scattered around, so you’ll be ready to ride all day!

Ginger Brown Find it on Google Maps!
Right next door to Cyclingo! Great coffee and amazing food, the perfect place to drop in before you pick your hire bike, or grab those spares. And where better to mull over the day’s accomplishments, once everything’s done and dusted?

Machine Laundry Cafe Find it on Google Maps!
You can’t come to Hobart and skip the waterfront and Salamanca Market, so while you’re down there be sure to drop into Machine. Great coffee and an awesome menu. Daily muffins are great for a quick pre-ride bite, and Salamanca Square is a top spot to kick back after a long ride.

Raincheck Lounge Find it on Google Maps!
If you find yourself emerging from the trails of Knocklofty, or pedalling back to town from the Glenorchy Mountain Bike Park, then there’s a good chance you’ll be passing through North Hobart. Drop into Raincheck Lounge for coffee, food, wine and a relaxed atmosphere. They’re often open a little later an make for a great pre-stop if you’re planning on hitting the town.

Yellow Bernard Find it on Google Maps!
A cycle-friendly coffee stop right in the middle of the city. Duck in on the way past, you won’t be disappointed. Feed your need for caffeine!



There are studies that claim beer is the perfect recovery drink for cycling. We’re not sure how reliable they are, but some things should just be blindly accepted as fact, and that’s definitely one of them. As such, here are a few quality watering holes that we suggest you visit if you’re in need of a cleansing ale (or three).

Preachers Find it on Google Maps!
Located just up the hill from Salamanca Place, Preachers is a brilliant little bar that sells nothing but craft beers and microbrews from all over. The staff know their stuff and love to share their knowledge, so if the menu of strange brews is a bit intimidating, just ask. They mix it up pretty frequently, so be sure to sample as much as you can while you’re there. Hang out on their beer lawn, feet up and pint in hand, and you’ll understand why we love it.

The Brisbane Hotel Find it on Google Maps!
Hobart’s best venue for live music, be it local, national or international. The Bris is a little rough around the edges, but with a friendly centre. A relaxed vibe, pool tables, killer jukebox, awesome staff and plenty of awesome live music makes it a great place to kick off a Friday or Saturday night. If you want to check out Hobart’s indie, punk, metal and anything in between, then The Bris is the place to go. They also do classic pub meals, at proper old school prices. The way a pub oughta be.

The New Sydney Hotel Find it on Google Maps!
A classic, old school pub with a bit of an Irish lean. The New Sydney has an awesome selection of beers on tap, a roaring fire during winter, live folk music, and some of the best pub meals in town. Right in the middle of the city, it’s a great spot for a decent feed and a good beer.

Knopwoods Find it on Google Maps!
If you’re in Salamanca, you’ll spot Knopwoods. It’s the busiest spot on a Friday night, and a favourite local hangout. It’s got a history almost as old as Hobart itself, and is showing no signs of letting up. Grab a beer and mingle with the folk of Hobart, you’ll be sure to have a good time.



Tasmania is lucky enough to play host to a number of world class mountain and road bike events. As well as regular club series races, put a few of these on your calendar and time your trip to get involved. There aren’t many better ways to sample some of the best riding, surrounded by a bunch of friendly strangers.

Hellfire Cup
Tasmania’s newest mountain bike stage race, the Hellfire Cup is a celebration of mountain biking, racing and all the fun that goes along with it. Four days of amazing riding and racing in Sourthern Tasmania.

Mount Wellington Challenge
Billed as Australia’s toughest time trial, the Mount Wellington Challenge sees competitors kicking off in Longley, to climb to the pinnacle Tasmania’s iconic Mt Wellington. With the race described by Tour de France rider Richie Porte as “…one of the hardest climbs I have done, especially as a time trial”, you’d be silly not to give it a crack!

Blue Dragon MTB Challenge
Taking place on the ridiculously scenic East coast of Tasmania, the Blue Dragon is a two day pairs-based stage race. The race winds through historical tin mining country in the Blue Tiers, and has quickly developed a name as one of the must-do races in Tasmania. Grab a friend a get involved!

Arguably Tasmania’s most well know mountain bike event, Wildside has become a true classic on the calendar. Held every two years on the epic West coast of Tasmania, Wildside is four days of amazing riding and racing. Taking competitors from the mountains to the sea, it attracts a huge range of riders, from pro racers to weekend punters. Regardless of your ability, you’re sure to have an amazing time (and tick another thing off the MTB bucket list).